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Courses Offered

Learning Quran Online

Quran Reading Online

If you are living in Europe or West and facing dificulty in getting knowledge of recitation, can start our this course of easy learning.

Learning Quran

Tajweed & Qira'at

If you have completed recitation once or more, can join this course which purify your Qura'an reading by tarteel, tadveer and hadar.

Reading Quran

Quran Memorization

Memorize fully Holy Qur'an or a part of it to get blessed, in a very short span of time by our skilled and experienced way of tutoring.

Reading Quran Online

Quran Translation

Learn word to word meanings of Allaah's Book as its obligatory for every Muslim to spend life according to the guidace of God.

Online Reading Quran

Hadith & Interpretation

Hadith & Sunnah are the teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ about the religion Islaam and the only true interpretation of Holy Qura'an.

Learn Quran Recitation

Arabic Spoken

You'll be much fluent in speaking of Arabic and enhance skills of it's understanding in a very short time by joining this online course.



Raed is seven years old and reading Qura'an, he was dividing words in parts before but after getting lessons from Qari Saqlain he improved his recitation very much. Now, I'm quite happy with his pronunciation of words and satisfactory reading speed.

Sister Saima - USA

My son Danial is taking sessions of Translation by living in his college hostel. He is also learning sources of revelations of Qura'ani ayaat. It is a great blessing for me that my son getting knowledge of true understandings of Holy Qur'an with its correct recitation.

Kamran Khan - Canada

Hafiz Saqlain is a very nice and good teacher which is highly appreciated by my children Ayesha and Ibrahim, he is always very kind and polite with kids. They are improving much in their Qura'an reading with learning of daily supplications and Islaam.

Dr. Syed Ehtisham - UK

I strongly recommend everyone to try services of this website once, my three children learnt and completed recitation of Holy Qura'an online from here. I'm much happy and thankful of eQuranStudy's tutoring as now my kids are learning Tajweed.

Fatima Jaffery - Australia