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Quran Reading

Learn word to word recitation with correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets and recite Quranic words with Tajvid fluently.

Tajweed & Qir'at

Recite Holy Book with three methods of it's recitation Tarteel, Tadweed and Hadar with the memorisation of Tajveed rules.


Get access to memorize complete Holy Qura'an or a part of it in a very short time with attractive ways


This course is especially designed for students who want to learn to translate Qura'an so that they are able to understand it's meanings.

Hadith Course

True interpretation and meanings of Allah's Book is based on the authentic Ahadith as the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught us.

Arabic Spoken

Get skilled yourself in the language of Islaam and speak it fluently in daily routine life with true accent.


My son Raed is seven years old and learning Quran, as he was dividing words in parts but now I'm much happy with his reading speed and fluency of his recitation.

Sister Saima - USA

Teachers available at this website eQuranStudy are very educated and intelligent, as I take online sessions from my college hostel and seeking knowledge of translation & interpretation.

Nauman Khan - Canada

Hafiz Saqlain is a very polite and kind teacher which is always much appreciated by Danial and Ayesha as they are getting knowledge of daily supplications and Islamic routine life.

Dr. Syed Ehtisham - UK

I will highly recommend you all to try once this online learning program. I was having no tutor of Qur'an living here. Now, my two kids are students of this eQuranStudy's website.

Fatima Jaffery - Australia